Baseball Personalized Premium Kids Backpack Back To School Gift

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A perfect back to school gift for proud parents of preschoolers, preteens and primiary student in between. Teachers will appreciate backpacks that make students eager to learn and stay organized in the classroom. No matter what school they're attending - be it preschool, Montessori, Kindergarden, elementary or middle - kids will love showing off their customized backpack on the first day and all year long.

This personalized gift makes a perfect back to school present from parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, godparents, or other loved ones who want to give the child something extra special. Great for kids of all ages starting preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle. This gift will add an extra touch of personalization they'll treasure and remind them of your love all school year. Perfect for the first day of school, birthdays, holidays, or just because, it can be given for any occasion to get the school year started off right and make their first day extra memorable


  • This backpack is made of polyester and perfect for long-lasting print effect.
  • Features ergonomic shoulder straps with dynamic size adjustment for the perfect-fit.
  • Fully padded back panel with breathable mesh fabric.
  • One large main compartment with a front utility pocket for easy organization.
  • Thread line is black or white only
  • Due to manual measurement, some difference is unavoidable. Please be tolerant!
  • Packing: Backpack x 1pc.


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