Custom Photo I'm Always With You - Memorial Gift For Family, Friends - Personalized Custom Shaped Pillow

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  • Material: Handcrafted with fluffy PP cotton filling
  • Printable area: 1 SIDE
  • White-colored backside
  • Size:
    - 15.7 inches (~ 40 cm)
    - 19.7 inches (~ 50 cm)
    - 23.6 inches (~ 60 cm)

          Please allow about 0,5 - 1 inch differences due to manual measurement.


  • This is a customized product with a customized design.
  • Best technique - The product is printed in modern technology, durable and vivid color.
  • Unique design - This fashionable accessory offers great looks and endless comfort.
  • Widely used - Accent piece to create interest in your room or as a functional head pillow. Serves as beautiful home decor for you or makes a great gift for friends.
  • Laundry guide: Handwashing pillow in cold water for stronger cleaning.


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