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Product details:

  • Material:The product is made from wooden
  • Size: 3*3 in (8*8cm)
  • Feature: two-sided design.
  •  Random color for attached wire
  • Add your special photo to create a one-of-a-kind bookmark, perfect for commemorating milestones, favorite quotes, or treasured moments. 📚🎁


    Every bookmark is hand cut, sanded and stained.
    Design is printed directly to the wood.
    BOTH-SIDE printed in modern technology and is covered by superior copperplate paper painting, durable and vivid color.
    Comes with a pre-punched hole for attaching accessories or ribbons.
    0,12 inches thick – perfect thickness to not crease your pages or bend the spine as other wooden bookmarks do.
    Can be wiped with a towel containing wax or grease.


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