In The Loving Memory Of Family Wind Chimes Personalized Gifts

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Sympathy Gift for the loss of your furry friend: Losing your beloved pet is never easy. When you are looking for a gift that expresses your sincere condolences, our quality sympathy wind chimes will be such a great idea. Chimes are God's love song in memory of the loss of a lovely dog or cat! It had much more meaning and lasts longer than flowers. Thoughtful memorial sympathy bereavement condolence funeral gift for grieving friends or families who in memory of their pets that passed away.


Hear The Wind And Know I'm OK!
I Can Run Like A Puppy!
I Can Even Fly With My New Wings!


  • Best Material: The wind chime combines 6 silver premium aluminum tubes and a wooden pendant with a durable nylon braided rope construction that is very strong.
  • Height: 20.4 inches(51.8cm).
  • Due to manual measurement and lighting conditions, size and color may differ slightly from the actual products.