Kid To The Moon & Back - Personalized Pocket Pillow

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We've all been there. It's the middle of the night, and you're in bed with your kid. You're snuggled up together, just enjoying each other's company. And then they start crying—because they have a nightmare, or because they need a drink of water, or because they just want to talk.
And there you are, laying there next to them, wishing you could do something to comfort them…
You can! With the Personalized Pocket Pillow. This beautiful pillow features a pocket on one side that's designed to hold your child's favorite toy or blanket—and on the other side is a special message that says "We love you" in your child's name!
The Personalized Pocket Pillow is perfect for any child who needs some extra love while they sleep at night. It makes a great gift for kids of all ages!


To The Moon & Back Is What We'll Say When We Tell You "We Love You" Each & Every Day.


  • Material: Peach skin velvet
  • Print on both sides
  • Size:
    - 12 x 12 inches
    - 18 x 18 inches


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