Personalized Bear Family Acrylic Art Puzzle Gift For Family

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The Acrylic Art Puzzle is an exceptional and sentimental choice for various celebrations. Created using sustainable and durable acrylic, this puzzle features a captivating depiction of a family of bear. Each intricately designed piece represents a different member of the bear family, exuding a sense of warmth and togetherness. It is undeniably a thoughtful gift option for any occasion.

Product Features:

- Size: around 10-15 cm

- Thickness: 1.8 cm 

- Uses acrylic material, which is made of environmental-friendly fiber acrylic, nontoxic, odor-free, exquisite craftsmanship & stylish design.
- Name can be engraved directly on the product. 
- It is a great choice for celebrations, anniversaries, creating atmosphere, and housewarming gifts, or display it as home decoration wherever you like.

Personalization: Customize your options (Name/Characteristics) and click [Preview] to see preview ❤️. Please double check your options before purchasing.

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