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Do you want to give your child a positive and fun gift? Then look at this cute hat. You can add your child's name or nickname to make it even more special. This gift is perfect for birthdays, or any time you want to cheer your child up and make them feel good about themselves.


S(Baby 0-2 years old)   Hat height about  8.6in(22cm)    Head circumference about 13.7in(35cm)

M(Kid 2-6years old)   Hat height about 10.2in(26cm)      Head circumference about 14.5in(37cm)

L(Adult)   Hat height about 10.8in(27.5cm)      Head circumference about 15.3in(39cm)

  • Please allow 1-2cm” differences due to manual measurement.


  • Please fill in the required fields and carefully double-check the spelling
  • To ensure the best looking, please use standard English only and exclude special characters
  • The last step, click “Preview” to get a glimpse of the wonderful creation you've made

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