Personalized Firefighter Uniform Acrylic Shaking Stand

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Celebrate the bravery of firefighters with our Personalized Firefighter Uniform Acrylic Shaking Stand. This thoughtful gift is perfect for honoring the hero in your life. Crafted with high-quality acrylic, it proudly displays a personalized firefighter uniform, making it a unique and memorable present. Show your appreciation with this one-of-a-kind gift.


  • Material: Transparent acrylic
  • Feature: two-sided design.
  • Size:  3.5 x 4.9 inches (~ 8.9 x 12.4 cm)
  • Thickness: 0.12 inches (~ 0.3 cm)
  • High-quality material - Made of transparent acrylic, safe, non-toxic, sturdy and durable.
  • Package: Our acrylic shaking stand arrives as a DIY kit, ready for assembly.
  • Original dimension before the shape is customized
  • Interesting shake stand design - What sets this product apart is its wiggled stand. Watch as it playfully wiggles, adding a dash of amusement to any space.

    Standing decorations - The product is designed can stand upright on many flat surfaces, convenient to put on many places. It can be used as a decoration on your desk, bookcase, TV stand, wall unit, dressing table, etc.

    Our products come packaged with a protective film to prevent scratches and dust. Simply, remove the film and your product will be ready to display.

          Please allow 0.5 - 1 inch differences due to manual measurement.


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