Personalized Heart Matching Bracelet Engraved 2 Texts Couple Bracelet Set

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What is the best gift idea for your loved one for his/ her Birthday, Valentine's Day, Graduation, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.? There might be no better gift idea than the Personalized couple ID Bar Bracelet?

-Material: Stainless Steel
-Chain Length: Male (adjustable 190-235 mm), Female (adjustable 165-210 mm) 
-include: 2 pcs bracelet
-Free Gifts: Jewelry Box
-Can custom 2 text on the bracelet, with your names/ dates/ initials/ phrases.
-Our Stainless Steel is protected with a tarnish resistance to help it last for years without tarnishing. Hypoallergenic, won't rust, durable, and comfortable to wear.

💗 A jewelry with a message symbolizes your special love. This will be a meaningful gift cherished by the person you love forever. Also, it can be a special gift just for yourself.

🎁 Recipient: Father, Mother, Grandpa, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Kids, etc.

🎉 Occasions: Anniversary Gift, Birthday, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, etc.


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