Personalized Led Acrylic Ornament Christmas Gift For Pet Lovers

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Glow with holiday cheer using our personalized LED acrylic ornament! This Christmas ornament features a warm white LED light that spreads a cozy ambiance, perfect for the festive season. It's an ideal Christmas gift for your loved ones, friends, and colleagues, adding a touch of warmth to their holidays. With its delightful design and gentle illumination, it's sure to bring delightful surprises. Moreover, they're versatile enough to enjoy throughout the year, making them a great addition to any season, not just Christmas.


  • Material: PVC And Acrylic
  • Size: 16 cm ≈ 6.3 in ; 24 cm ≈ 9.45 in
  • Design area: One-sided design.
  • Printing technique: Dye sublimation print.
  • Powered by: 3pcs AAA batteries(not included); build energy-saving premium quality led beads, this decorative hanging light runs very low voltage and stays cool for long time use.
  • Packaging: includes LED acrylic Ornament and string, battery not included
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