Personalized Street Sign Couple Keychain

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Imagine seeing this exquisite keychain engraved with your name, the date you met, or a loving promise every time you or your loved one picks up your keys. This is more than just a keychain, it is a microcosm of your shared memories, a small reminder every day when you are out and about, telling each other "My heart is with you wherever you go."

Our Stainless Steel Keychain is protected with a tarnish resistance to help it last for years without tarnishing. High polished finish, hypoallergenic, won't rust, durable, and comfortable to wear.

🎁 This is a perfect gift for wife, husband, girlfriend,boyfriend, and much more!

🎉 Occasions: Anniversary Gift, Birthday, Wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's day gift for her/him .

Product details:

  • Material: HIGH Quality Stainless Steel
  • Color:Black
  • Size: 1.96"x1.37" (50mmx35mm)


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