Personalized Wooden Ring Box Gift For Couples

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  • Material:Wooden
  • Size: 4.7*6.1*3.6cm


  • Made Of Wood, The Engagement Ring Box Has Wood Texture On It, Simple And Vintage. Match Your Expensive Rings.
  • The Wooden Ring Box Is Perfect For Proposal Or Engagement. It Can Contain 3 Rings.
  • Package Included: 1* Wooden Ring Box (The Ring Is Not Included).
  • *Please note: Due to the difference in monitor and light effect, the actual color and size of the item may be slightly different from the visual image.
      Product Description:
  1. Personalized Touch: Custom engrave your names, initials, or wedding date on the wooden ring box for a unique and memorable touch.
  2. Triple the Love: With three compartments, this wooden ring box can hold up to three rings, perfect for a triple wedding band set or for the ring bearer to carry multiple rings.
  3. Elegant Design: The wooden material and sleek design of the ring box add a touch of sophistication to your wedding ceremony.
  4. Secure and Safe: The ring box securely holds your precious rings in place, ensuring they won't fall out or get lost during the ceremony.
  5. Perfect for Proposals: Use this ring box to propose to your significant other and create a special moment that you'll both cherish forever.


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